Hehehe... Tis pretty~

I have another switch at the bottom, that doesnt work because I have another one on right now. Ill keep the stars on for a little while, then go to what I want to be the usual one. The one at the bottom is music note, so it fits the theme of Len at the top. ewe But since its summer well keep it as those stars for now.

Oh yeah- if you dont like it, theres a switch in the sidebar of my blog. Just click on it (the bottom one will not work, dont bother) and itll turn the stars off, or, when I get the music notes going, the music notes.

And if they arent working when you first come here, just click on the switch to turn them on~ ewe It should be lit up when its turned on.

Now if youll excuse me, I have some very important buisness to attend to.

*moves cursor wildly around screen* ewe

(You must highlight that to see it xD)

 IM DONE SCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL FOR THE SUMMMMMMMMMMER! :D Since like 15 minutes ago. ewe So now I have more drawing and spriting time.. And computer time! :D

Theres like no RPs on RES lately.. .-. I havent RPed in a while.. Anyone want to RP with me? On Haiku or something?